Clément Denis
Commissioned by
Clément Denis

Client: Clément Denis
Lab: Handprinted at Emulsion Lab Paris
Artwork: Clément Denis
Year: 2023
Location: Vétheuil, France

These images show the studio of Clément Denis who is an artist living in Vétheuil, France. The aim of the images was to represent the artist in his creative space which is the old house where Claude Monet lived. The series is both images of an artist and of a place full of history.


Michael Ferire is a Belgian photographer based in Brussels. Over the past 15 years he has been collaborating with international brands in the fields of music, art and craftsmanship. He mainly works behind the scenes for discerning and passionate clients and brands, using a versatile approach that combines reportage and staged photography. Michael also shares and teaches his methods in conferences and workshops across Europe, empowering photographers to elevate their businesses to the next level and reinforce their creative vision.


Michael’s visuals convey a strong sense of place, with meticulous attention to precision and detail. Focusing primarily on portrait photography, Michael’s work encompasses a blend of both commercial and editorial projects, delivering bold and intricate visual narratives.

Selected clients

Dior, Alexandre Benjamin Navet, Warner Music, Krug Champagne, Galerie Xavier Hufkens, Thierry Boutemy, Thomas Roussel, Mini, Guendalina Litta, Atelier Lum, TBWA, Rusak Designworks, TBX Agency.

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